Pork & apple stew

The internet is a seriously amazing place when you stop and think about it.

pork and apple stew | Brooklyn Homemaker

It’s hard to even remember what life was like before we had the world wide web, before smart phones, and before free public wifi. Back when you’d have to wait until you got home to look up the useless bar trivia we now have answers to at the click of a button. Way back when you had to consult actual cook books to find recipes, rather than finding pages and pages of search results for even the most obscure cuisines.

pork and apple stew | Brooklyn Homemaker

I have shelves sagging with cookbooks, but most of them spend more time collecting dust than helping me cook. These days I rely on the internet to provide me with drool-worthy recipes and endless culinary inspiration. Most of the time, even when a recipe sounds mind-blowingly delicious, I like to make a few changes here and there to suit my taste. Increase this, substitute that, omit the other. You know. I’m sure you do the same, at least some of the time.

pork and apple stew | Brooklyn Homemaker

In my ceaseless internet exploration I recently stumbled across a recipe for pork and apple stew from Better Homes and Gardens that I just HAD to try.
To that end, I thought I’d do something a little different today.

Please head over to Better Homes and Garden’s blog, Delish Dish for the rest of this post and to find the original recipe and see the changes I made to it.

pork and apple stew | Brooklyn Homemaker

This post was written in partnership with Better Homes & Gardens.
Tux Loerzel and Brooklyn Homemaker were not compensated for this post.




  1. Look at you on BGH! The stew looks amazing, though I would have to stick with all apples since David doesn’t eat them (grrrr). I too rely heavily on the internet for inspiration. Funny, I want the recipe printed out in front of my without those hi-tech gadgets to follow along while cooking. I always tend to go back to paper of some sort…

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    1. Thanks Debbie! I definitely feel you on printing recipes to use in the kitchen. Lately I’ve been found in the kitchen trying to balance my laptop on top of my toaster so I can see my recipe while I’m cooking. What a pain in the butt!

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  2. Congrats on the guest blogger spot! Looks amazing. I have been playing with stews in my Instant Pot pressure cooker with some incredible results. I think I’ll try this as written, and then maybe experiment with the pressure cooker. I like that you commented you wanted to make it a bit less sweet – I have often shied away from apples in my main dishes because I tend to prefer the savory notes. Thanks for a beautiful looking meal!

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    1. Thanks Traci! The first time I tried the BHG recipe it definitely was much sweeter than I would have made it myself, but the changes I made definitely tamed that sweetness and added more savory elements.


  3. I too have shelves piled high with cookbooks (that I can’t stop buying), but find that i usually turn to the internet for inspiration more often than not. Love your tweaks to the recipe and sounds perfect for a cold winter day.

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  4. sounds great Tux, and in relation to the shelves of cookbooks gathering dust, I have found the Eat Your Books site to be absolutely indispensable in getting me using my books again – I heard about it through Clotilde of Chocolate & Zucchini and use it nearly every day…

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