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Today I have something big for everyone! I’m announcing the first ever Brooklyn Homemaker giveaway!

garlic press giveaway | Brooklyn Homemaker

In my last post, I reviewed several garlic presses, detailed some of the different features available on some of them, and discussed which ones I liked the best. The Harold Import Company, makers of the garlic press and slicer that I reviewed, has generously agreed to donate one for a loyal reader and fan of Brooklyn Homemaker!

garlic herb compound butter | Brooklyn Homemaker

This one ended up being one of my favorites. Though unpeeled garlic requires a bit of extra force, it can handle both peeled and unpeeled cloves. It’s better at getting more garlic through the press than some of the other ones I tested, but it did still leave a small bit behind. One of the reasons I like it so much is that it also doubles as a garlic slicer, giving you nice thin evenly sliced garlic. To use the slicer function the clove needs to be peeled, but it’s very efficient and leaves no garlic behind at all.

garlic herb compound butter | Brooklyn Homemaker

Another really great feature is that this tool has a press that actually swivels out of the hopper to make it more accessible for easy cleaning. This is a common feature in many high end garlic presses, so it’s nice to see it in such an affordable tool. It also comes with a handy cleaning tool that attaches to the inside of the arm, and slides out when needed.

In case you forgot, there was even a handy video, produced by my amazing friends from Crown Street Productions! Check it out!

This tool is versatile, easy to use, and easy to clean; and at only $20, it’s a great value too!  Now, thanks to the generosity of the Harold Import Company, this tool could be yours for FREE!!! Entries will be accepted until 6pm on Tuesday March 18th. To enter, please follow the contest rules detailed at the bottom of the post.

garlic herb compound butter | Brooklyn Homemaker

After I was finished pressing all that garlic, I had to find a use for it. I thought a perfect way to let the garlic shine while putting it to practical use was to make a garlic and herb compound butter. Compound butter is basically any mix of butter with supplementary ingredients like herbs, spices, garlic, etc.; that’s then formed and refrigerated to be sliced for later use. It’s great to top a steak, mix into (or use as) a sauce, or toss into pasta. This super garlicy butter would also be perfect to make garlic bread, or as a sauce for a white pizza.

garlic herb compound butter | Brooklyn Homemaker

Quick and Easy Garlic and Herb Butter

1 stick, 8 tablespoons softened unsalted butter
1 tablespoon minced (pressed) garlic
2 teaspoons finely chopped parsley
1 teaspoon finely chopped thyme (or other herbs as desired)
1/2 teaspoon coarse kosher salt
1/2 teaspoon freshly cracked pepper

With a fork, mash all the ingredients together until very well combined. Butter will need to be at room temperature or softer, but not melted. Transfer the mixture to a piece of plastic wrap, wrap up and shape into a round tube. Twist the ends of the wrap closed and refrigerate the butter until hard. It will keep in the refrigerator for weeks and can be sliced off as needed. Yum!

garlic & herb compound butter | Brooklyn Homemaker

Contest rules:

Entries will be accepted up until Tuesday March 18th, at 6PM EST.

To enter, please follow these links and “like” both Brooklyn Homemaker and Harold Import Company on facebook. Then come back and leave the comment “Gimme Garlic!” on this post, and tell me why you’d love to have a new garlic press.

Only one comment per entrant, please.  The winning garlic press can only be shipped within the contiguous United States, so entrants must live or have a mailing address within the lower 48. Winner will be chosen from the comments by selecting a number (using a random number generator) from the total number of comments when the contest comes to a close. Winner will be contacted via email for shipping information.